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Office Software Training

Excel, Word and
PowerPoint Fundamentals

Inspire Learning Solutions is an authorized reseller of Individual Software, a leading publisher and developer of award-winning education, business, and personal productivity software and apps. For Microsoft Office online training we offer Professor Teaches®, the #1 brand of interactive computer training. It consists of self-paced learning objectives, realistic program simulations, beginner to advanced topics, introductions and chapter summaries, interactive exercises, professional voice narration, end-of-chapter quiz questions, and Professor Answers – a unique “just-in-time” feature that allows users to quickly locate a specific topic.

The online training also includes a Skill Assessment Module that allows Educators and Administrators to track user progress and course material retention. The training software is designed to help users pass Microsoft Certification tests and other Skill Tests. Users can take a pre-test and post test to determine skill improvement.

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This comprehensive online training was created for experienced users of Microsoft Office that want to discover new ways to increase their productivity and create impressive-looking files and documents using Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Rather than trying to teach you everything there is to know about each application, the lessons focus on specific skills that will have the greatest impact.

The training resources for this course includes workbooks, online quizzes and practice files.

Excel Fundamentals

Learn best practices related to organizing data, performing calculations and creating reports. You will also be introduced to some of the more advanced tools and features, including VLOOKUP, PivotTables and text functions.

Word Fundamentals

Use various tools and shortcut key combinations to create documents that include spreadsheet data, charts, tables and other graphics. You will also learn how create outlines, cover sheets, newsletters and flowcharts.

PowerPoint Fundamentals

Keep the audience engaged throughout your presentations by replacing words with graphics, creating charts with animations and presenting data using Tables. Slide designs, text animations, motion path animations and voice narration will also be covered.Type your paragraph here.

Bonus Lessons: Database Design using Access

These lessons are for people that currently use Access or want to learn more about what it is and how it integrates with Excel. You will learn about basic database design and the four major objects that are used to create an Access database.

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